How to Address Mental Health Issues During COVID-19- A Suggestion by Dennis Begos

Dennis Begos, There are several instances when we become “emotionally disheveled”. But it is not for long that we sulk and get back to ourselves very soon.

But many times you might have to work a little harder to regain your mental sanity especially after you have gone through rigorous tests. And you are battling for life amidst beeping sounds, artificial life support, and seeing several others around you in distress and agony.

This is exactly what happens if you have discharge from the ICU. And you have had a second birth after a severe COVID-19 infection.

Dennis Begosoffers tips for coping with pandemic fatigue and how to keep Covid burnout at bay

Let us find out how you can regain your confidence both mental and physical following a bout of severe COVID-19 infection. And a hospital stay or when you have had to undergo isolation away from your loved ones.

  1. Even if you are out of danger and there is not a trace of even dead cells in your bloodstream. You still need to maintain all the pandemic protocols. Maintain a safe distance from everyone. Continue sanitizing your hands, wearing masks, washing hands frequently, wearing face shields and masks, and abiding by standard operating protocols.
  2. When it comes to addressing pandemic fatigue, it is quite likely that you have some kind of inflammation in your body. With COVID-19, your immune system has fought off the infection and is now recuperating. As such, residual inflammation remains for quite some time especially if it has been a chronic ailment.
  3. Get adequate sleep, try not to mix up your professional working hours with that of your family time. Make a demarcation. Incorporate a lot of protein in your diet, and most importantly, exercise regularly. It may be mention here that post-Covid, it has been observing that you do not have the same tenacity as your pre-Covid times. As such, you tend to get exhausts very soon. So, it is best to go slow.
  4. With so many meetings throughout the day, work from home is in vogue now. You are being subject to a lot of screen time. It impacts not only your mental state of mind but your physical posture too.
  5. Maintain proper posture and take short breaks in between while you are completing an assignment or working on a project.
  6. If you have finally returned to your old life, just make sure that you adhere to the stringent measures that you were asked to take while in the hospital like maintaining a proper time for food, having a balancing diet, that will contain all the essential nutrients.
  7. It is best not to overdo things during the initial 90 days post-recovery


Dennis Begos also says, If you find that you are having certain post-COVID-19 issues like gastrointestinal issues, anxiety, depression, a tendency to turn to abusive substances, insomnia, difficulty to concentrate and focus (brain fog), it is best to get yourself checked at the earliest.

Follow-up treatment is very important and you can avert several complications in the process.

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