Dennis Begos talks about the Importance of Managing High Blood Pressure

Dennis Begos says a known fact that hypertension is known as the silent killer. That’s because there are no symptoms to alert the patient of elevated pressure. As a result, people often stay unaware of the underlying condition of high blood pressure until they experience serious problems like kidney failure or stroke.


When there are an increase in resistance in the arterial system, blood pressure increases while blood flow decreases. It builds up pressure on the heart to work harder than usual to ensure blood reaches your vital organs. Over time, this causes damaging effects on your health and body.


Here Dennis Begos shares a few more reasons why it’s essential to manage high blood pressure.


Improve the health of your heart


Suffering from a high blood pressure condition puts you at three times higher risk of acquiring heart conditions. A person with high blood pressure lives in an endless loop – hypertension causes arteries to get hardened, and hardened arteries lead to hypertension. When you want to break this cycle to keep your heart healthy, opt for diet plans to lower blood pressure.


Decrease the chances of experiencing a stroke


As much as 70% of people have high blood pressure after experiencing their first stroke. A person suffers from a stroke when an area of the brain fails to receive enough blood and ultimately oxygen, which is essential for proper functionality. There are two main reasons for having a stroke – there’s a blocked artery, or the artery broke. Once a person develops hypertension, damaged arteries increase the chances of stroke to happen.


Keep kidneys protected

High blood pressure hampers the filtering system of the kidneys. After developing hypertension conditions, kidneys get permanently damaged and fail to filter the blood. The patients suffering from this chronic kidney disease require either a kidney transplant or timely dialysis. According to Dennis Begos, several researchers and instances share that blood pressure can directly affect your kidneys. That is why you need to make a diet plan and consider nutrients that can help your kidneys.


Longer life and healthy lifestyle


The United States points out Hypertension as one of the significant causes of death across the nations. However, when you eat healthy meals to decrease blood pressure, you reduce the chances of dying from cardiovascular disease by 25%.


Save money


A person having high blood pressure spends a fortune on regular medication. And if there’s any serious condition like chronic kidney disease, patients have to expend a lot on treatment like dialysis. When you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on hospital fees and medications, start keeping your blood pressure under control. Find the best foods to lower blood pressure and adopt healthy diet plans to stay healthier and longer.


You can take the assistance of the health experts so you can take care of your blood pressure and avoid any health-related problem. Try to find the most reliable health expert online and get in touch with them directly.




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