Dennis Begos suggest alternative ways to regulate blood sugar

High blood sugar level occurs when your body does not produce enough insulin. Now you must be wondering what is insulin? It is a hormone that controls glucose in your body. High blood sugar, known as hyperglycemia, is correlated to diabetes. A healthy diet helps in upholding blood sugar levels. Dennis Begos however, some fast food contains added sugar and refined carbs. These can contribute to changes in blood sugar levels. According to studies, many people are now suffering from changes in blood sugar levels.


Dennis Begos urges you to exercise regularly


It helps you to stay fit and retain a reasonable weight, and this, in turn, helps in increasing insulin sensitivity. When insulin sensitivity gets a boost in your body, cells will appropriately use the accessible sugar in your bloodstream. Some of the exercises you can follow to remain healthy are weightlifting, cycling, running, etc.


Check your carb consumption


Intake of carbohydrates greatly influences blood sugar levels. When you consume food, your body breaks down carbohydrates into sugar, especially glucose; this is when insulin comes into action and helps your body use sugar for energy. Too much carb intake makes the insulin in your body function abnormally and causes high blood pressure. Therefore a healthy diet is advisable if you want to maintain your sugar level. And if you want to prevent high blood sugar levels, you should consume low carbohydrate food. It will help you to maintain your blood sugar level for a long time.


Increase fiber in your diet


It would work if you also keep a check on the intake of food rich in fiber, recommends Dennis Begos. It helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. You can feed on both soluble and insoluble fiber since both of them are essential. A high-fiber diet helps in regulating blood sugar levels. Consuming foods high in fiber, including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and so on, is highly recommended.


Drink plenty of water


Staying hydrated helps in monitoring blood sugar levels. When you drink plenty of water, it flushes out excess glucose from your kidney in the form of urine. Thus, remaining hydrated helps in dilating blood sugar levels in a beneficial way.


Keep an eye on your food portion


Maintaining a stable rate of food portions is very important for conserving blood sugar levels. Therefore, you should keep your meal portion to maintain your calorie intake. You can manage it by weighing the meal portion regularly; using a smaller plate when consuming food, avoiding consuming fast food, and eating slowly becomes vital.


Avoid taking stress


Stress greatly influences blood sugar levels. When you take stress, there is a boost in blood sugar level. Conversely, when you get stressed out, it releases stress hormones, which in turn causes a spike in sugar levels. Therefore, regular exercise and meditation are advisable to avoid any stress.


You should regularly check your blood sugar level. It will help you take the necessary steps if there is any fluctuation in your blood sugar level. For example, it would help if you always tried to relax and stay stress-free. You should also maintain a moderate weight if you do not want a high sugar level. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and consult your health care provider if there is any change in blood sugar levels.

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