Dennis Begos recommends some healthy snacks to lose weight

It may appear alarming to you to lose weight while munching on your favorite snacks! But the tip is to opt for healthy snack items that get filled. With protein and other different types of beneficial nutrients. Dennis Begos says these snacking items form an integral part of your weight loss journey. Some snacks may as well keep you full the entire day while limiting unhealthy snack cravings.


Dennis Begos suggests mixed nuts as a healthy form of snacking


Some studies also prove that nuts aid in preventing particular cancers and depression, and other illnesses.


Even though nuts contain lots of fat, they are filling. Researchers suggest that consuming nuts helps in losing weight. Nuts dispense a balance of healthy protein, fiber, and fat. With 28 grams of serving as an average, it has 180 calories. Refrigerated nuts are perfect as on-the-go snacks.


Guacamole along with red bell peppers


Bell peppers are incredibly healthy. However, red ones particularly have antioxidants in high amounts. Red capsicums also have high amounts of Vitamin C. Eating one red pepper and 85 grams of guacamole helps add healthy fiber and fat to your diet and keeps the calorie count below 200.


Mixed berries with Greek Yoghurt is healthy and filled with nutrients


Greek yogurt has plenty of protein while also containing potassium and calcium. Berries provide antioxidants. A mixture of a variety of berries can provide you with some extra potent compounds. When you mix Greek yogurt along with berries, it not only gives you a delicious snack but makes it power-packed with nutrients.  A mixture with less than 150 calories will combine 50 grams of differently colored berries with 100 grams of Greek Yoghurt.


Apple slices dipped in peanut butter


It may seem like a weird combination. However, Dennis Begos says that apples dipped in peanut butter are an excellent and delicious combination.

Apples contain fiber and antioxidants like polyphenol, as it helps in better digestion, thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases. Peanut butter adds benefits and makes your heart healthier. Studies show that peanut butter reduces bad cholesterol and boosts good cholesterol.


However, it is better to consume peanut butter moderately, as it is filled.  A moderately sized apple, sliced and dipped in 15 grams of peanut butter, gives a perfect balance of sweetness and crispiness, all below 200 calories.


Cottage cheese mixed with cinnamon and flax seeds


Flax seeds, cottage cheese, cinnamon, and all individually hold excellent health benefits. And if combined, they become a power-packed snack item, tasty and filled with nutrients. Cottage cheese has high amounts of protein and is incredibly filling. In addition, cottage cheese with total fat forms a type of fatty acid associated with several health benefits. Flax seeds and cinnamon help in controlling blood sugar and weight. They are also known to reduce the threats of breast cancer. Cinnamon also helps in improving digestion.


The key to weight loss and a healthy diet is to opt for whole food items when your cravings hit you instead of opting for fattening or processed food items.

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