Are you obese? Dennis Begos busts some weight loss myths for you

Everybody wants to lose weight and it is more evident among youngsters, but even adults have joined the race. If you surf the Internet, you will come across various articles on how to lose weight. Dennis Begos says, however, not all information is reliable. There are certain myths, lies, and misconceptions regarding weight loss that bothers people. You must understand that a balanced diet and regular physical exercise are integral to an individual’s overall well-being. You must ensure that your diet provides you with the best vitamins, minerals, and protein sources. Cut down on your saturated fat and increase your mineral and vitamin intake.


If you want to maintain a healthy weight, follow Dennis Begos tips for some shortcuts


When you wish to regulate your weight, you may come across various tips from your friends and family members. However, all of these are not dependable. On the other hand, certain myths are in circulation in society. You must be aware of these so that you can stay away from them. These myths are listed below:

Calories are the same

Calorie is nothing but a measurement of energy. However, all calories do not have a similar effect on weight. It is because different food items have to undergo different metabolic pathways. Hence, the impact of these on hormones and hunger is different. For example, when you replace fat and carbs with protein, it boosts the metabolic rate. As a result, it reduces appetite along with craving. Moreover, it optimizes the normal functioning of the body and thereby reduces weight.

Linear process

Another myth associated with losing weight is that it is a linear process. However, it is not true. There are some weeks and days when you will lose more weight in comparison to others. However, it should not be your cause of concern. It is a typical way the body functions, and there are fluctuations now and then. The pattern is profound in women as there are various hormonal changes which go on in their body.

The role of supplements

Total reliability on supplements may not help you in losing weight. There are various weight loss supplements gaining ground in the modern market. Several companies provide supplements claiming that it has a dramatic effect on your weight. However, you may not be happy with their results. On the other hand, few supplements provide a modest effect and are best for your body. So it would help if you went for these and that too in small quantities.

Obesity is not about willpower

 Obesity or weight problems are not concerned with your willpower. Dennis Begos thinks that what you weigh is purely biological. Obesity is a complex disorder that brings with it dozens of other issues. Various genetic variables have their relationship with obesity. Moreover, medical conditions like PCOS, hypothyroidism, and depression may add to the risk of obesity. Hence, all these issues are interrelated.


The total of these points is that obesity can get managed with your dedication and consistency. But, first, you must go for a healthy diet and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.



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